Is kathy griffin dating anyone

Desperate times call for desperate measures and its ridiculous to pretend that anything that is going on right now is normal. At a time when the most dangerous policies and actions from the.

Everything about Comedian Kathy Griffin and Her Controversial Act

These pieces are meant to shock to shake American citizens from their sleepwalking in hopes of inspiring them to not only recognize the terrifying direction in which our country is being led by Trump and his administration, but also to.

Is kathy griffin dating anyone

Even Griffins beloved gay BFF, Anderson Cooper, distanced himself and tweeted his disapproval of her actions. After originally defending the image as an expression of art in reaction to the tremendous damage to the country and the world she believes.

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Is kathy griffin dating anyone

But thats the point. The photo is the latest and, yes, arguably the most disturbing in a long line of recent political and artistic presidential protest pieces ranging from a grotesque statue of Trumps naked body to murals of Trump.

Kathy Griffin Slams Trump Family For 'Trying To Ruin My Life

RSVP : Aiming to be a good corporate citizen We re only too well aware that all organisations - just like individuals - make an impact on the world around.

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